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Q: During what hours do you offer walks?

A: Monday to Friday from 7am to 2pm.

(Weekends and public holidays are by arrangement only.)

Q: Do you have police clearance?

A: Yes, all Active Paws Dog Walkers have full police clearance certificates.

Q: Do I get to meet you before you start walking my dog?

A: We will come to you for a no obligation consultation visit to discuss what walk would best compliment your dog. We will, with your help, compose a profile of your furry friend.  This will give us important information regarding your pet and its health.  It gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions about our service.

Q: Will you use other walkers to walk our dog?

A: Either myself or my partner will be the only people who will walk your dog as we have the experience and knowledge to assure you your furry companions are in safe hands.


Q: Where do you take the dogs for a walk. 

A: We will walk your dog in their own environment taking the best advantage of Perth’s local parks and facilities.  Routes can be varied if the owner requires.

Q: Will you walk my dog with others?

A: Generally we will only walk your dog or dogs on their own. This way we can devote our time to your pet and have total control should anything unexpected happen. However in special circumstances we may consider that they would benefit from socialisation. This would only be done with a specially chosen dog if walk schedules permit. 

Q: Are there any extra charges for additional services?

A: Any further requirements that you may need do not incur any additional charges. This can be discussed at the consultation.

Q: What is holiday care ?

A: Holiday care is a great alternative to leaving your dog in a kennel whilst you are on leave.

Your pet remains in the comfort of their own home therefore reducing stress, we visit daily to walk, feed and clean up, we will also water your plants and collect your mail if required.

Q: Will you walk my dog in all weather ?

A: Your pet’s wellbeing and safety is of the upmost importance.  In cases of extreme heat, walks will be adjusted as necessary so as to not put any unnecessary stress on your dog.  Thunder and lightning will be avoided at all times to provide safety to your pet.  Extra time will be taken at no added cost to ensure that they have the maximum benefit from their walk.  We always carry towels and plenty of fresh water.

Q: Do I need to provide leads, toys or other equipment?

A: We have leads for all types of dogs but if you wish your dog to be walked using their favourite lead then please let us know. If your dog has a favourite toy then we can take that with us on our walks if required.  We do have balls, frisbees, tug-toys for playtime and exercise.

Q: What would you do if there’s an emergency?

A: We will always carry your contact numbers plus those of any other nominated people.  Your Vet details are also to hand in case of any unforeseen circumstance.

Q: How will I know if my dog is enjoying his walks and what he’s doing?

A: We want you to know what your dog’s been doing and how he’s benefitting from the walks.  As we take a personal interest in the wellbeing of your pet we will from time to time leave a note to let you know what your pet has been up to. We’ll also let you know of course if there’s anything that may be of interest or concern.

Q: Are you able to provide any service for a small puppy that is too young to be walked ?

Socialisation at this age is very important. In place of a walk we can spend our time playing with your new pet to make sure they have that important contact during the day whilst you are at work.

Q: What would you advise for an older dog?

A: For senior dogs that do not have the mobility of their younger years and are no longer able to sustain long walks we can customise a short walk to suit or spend quality time with them at your home or in your back garden to give them that much needed attention.  

Q: I am now disabled and can no longer walk my dog, can you help me ?

A: Active Paws Dog Walkers would be a perfect solution for you so that you are able to keep your faithful companion in good health.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you need to cancel we would appreciate at least 24 hours notice but as this isn’t always possible, then contact us as soon as you can, either by phone, SMS or email.  We will do our best to reschedule if necessary.  No charges are made for cancellations.  We will make every effort to not cancel an appointment ourselves but should it be necessary we will give you as much notice as possible.

Q: How do I make a payment to you?

A: We prefer a direct credit to our bank account but other options can be discussed. 

Cheques unfortunately are not accepted. Payments can be made weekly for regular walks.

Account details will be given at the consultation should you wish to go ahead.

Privacy Statement

We guarantee that any information you provide us will be kept confidential and will not be shared, sold or exchanged with any business or individuals not associated with Active Paws Dog Walkers. We may however disclose information about you and your animal/s to a law enforcement agency or regulatory body should we be required by law to do so.